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Creating Company and Product Names
Successful names seem to emerge accidentally, but most of the really successful names are not at al accidental. It is not possible to come up with a name that is dynamic, effective and that fully leverages your brand's potential without the right process.

Before you start your naming project it is essential to decide what you want your new product or company name to do for you. To make that decision, you need to understand the possibilities. Do you need your name to:

  • Achieve separation from your competitors?
  • Demonstrate to the world that you are different?
  • Reinforce a unique positioning platform?
  • Create positive and lasting engagement with your audience?
  • Be unforgettable?
  • Be a no-cost, self-sustaining PR vehicle?
  • Provide ready marketing and advertising imagery?
  • Dominate your niche?
  • Be your sales force when there is no one there to speak for you?

Every naming project is unique and our process is custom designed to complement your project, business culture, approval process and timeline. Whether we are developing product or company names, the process steps outlined here give us the ability to create powerful and lasting brands:

Competitive Analysis – The process begins with a thorough competitive analysis, in which we quantify the tone and strength company or product names of the competition. Creating such a document helps you to decide where you need to focus on as your name relates to positioning, branding and promotion of your company or product.

Positioning – The next step is to help you refine and define your brand positioning. The more specific we are as far as where you intend to position your brand and your company, the more effective the name will be. All great product and company names work in concert with the positioning of the businesses they speak for.

Development – Name development applies the positioning strategy and the competitive analysis to the creative process of naming. Development also includes domain availability, which is so important in todays market.

Creatives – An important step in our naming process is the design of possible collateral materials to play with potential names. We sketch out possible ad treatments featuring leading name candidates. If we have trouble creating a simple ad with a candidate - that tells us that we should pay attention to design issues as it relates to the name in question.  This fleshes out any potential problems before we go ahead with the name.

Market Research -  Testing when appropriate is done to determine the best possible name choice, especially when we have two or more favourites and can't seem to make a choice.

Trademark – We prescreen names under development through our trademark attorney to determine the likelihood that your company will be able to procure the names. We do this in order to feel confident that the names your attorney submits for final trademark screening and application have been deemed by an attorney as likely to pass muster for registration. If not, valuable time is lost.

Tagline – During the naming process taglines usually come to mind.  Once the name is defined we move on to development of a tag line, along with a well-defined positioning strategy.

The Outcome - a name that is powerful, effective, useable and flexible. Are you ready to get started?


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