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Web DesignsOur original web designs integrate and support your brand identity and your offline marketing. All of our websites are designed from the start to be Search Engine Friendly and at the same time User Friendly. Using the latest technologies available, we provide you with a web presence that supports your message and entertains your viewer. 

We create websites that integrate our award winning designs with our effective marketing techniques and the latest trends in technology.

Whether you need a simple brochure type web site or a more complex portal with user interactivity, our highly trained team of designers, advertising professionals and developers will put the necessary skills to work to ensure that your project is a success both visually and technically.

Please view some of our most recent projects and let us know if there is something you would specifically like to see ...
 the waterfront  center
Business Networking Long Island the long island way Website Design
Flash Example Buddys Brass shencon
Internet Workshops Guided Imagery  Taylor Mason

Latest projects in development:EMS Long Island

EMS Long Island is the latest project we have on the board - while still in development we encourage you to visit the site and see our work in progress.  In this project we embrace a new approach - using the lastest CMS (Content Management System) we have developed a site that can be easily updated by the site's owner - liberating him from the ties that traditionally bind the business owner to the webmaster.  Using this new approach, Stan is able to update his site from his home or office as easily as he would write an email without the fear of messing up the visual layout of the site. Now all content is controlled by Stan - a self described "HTML illiterate". 

Read more about CMS and how it can help you take back your website.

At Sidewalk Designs you get highly customized service and we don't waste any time about it. We understand that having a presence on the web is important to you and we will work hard to get your web site launched quickly and with minimal cost.

We listen carefully to your business goals and we work hard to translate your vision into an effective, easily navigable buy powerful web design.

We provide web design services for many design and advertising agencies. As such we can't always show them on our website due to copywrite issues. Please contact us so that we can show you examples that are more in the nature of what you are looking for...


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