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What is Search Marketing?  Google Search ResultsAlso known as SEM, it's a series of strategies that we use to get your web site found and listed by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc...  Having your site designed and published  doesn't mean it will be found. Even the most well-designed web site will need clever search marketing to advertise the site and make it a popular resource. 

Why should you care about being found on the web?
Statistics tell us that 95% of web surfing is done using search engines. And you know yourself that when you want to find a product or service, the first place you are likely to turn  is a search engine to do your research.  If your site is not among the first pages of a search report, you are not going to be found by those searching for the products or services that you provide. It's that simple.

The object of the game is to bring highly targeted visitors to your website, visitors who are actively looking to buy what you sell. Many Search Engine consultants confuse this with "high rankings". High rankings are part of it, but you need to make sales (also called "conversions") once those users make it to your site and we know how to accomplish that. We are a team of highly skilled designers, copywriters and consultants who make it our business to stay on top of the latest trends on the search marketing landscape. We know what works "today' and what isn't worth spending your time on.

How are we different?
There are two important goals that we address in any Search Marketing Campaign:

Goal 1: Offer the Site Visitors what they want.
Goal 2: Offer the Search Engines what they are looking for.

Many "Search Engine Optimization" companies address only one of these goals. They focus on the mathematical aspects of search engine optimization with such tunnel vision that the resulting web site is an unclear mess of keywords and jargon.  Sites like this do not pursuade your viewer to convert their visit into a sale.  Rather they leave your viewer looking for more and possibly leaving your site quickly.  So you may get more hits to your site, but your sales will not increase proportonately.

You'll see web SEM companies advertise that they have a "program to submit your site to any number of search engines" or they will  key in the "proper meta tags and key words"  to optimize your search engine rankings.   These are not current methods of search engine optimization, sites advertising these services are selling you yesterday's technology, we advise you to beware of them.

Instead we start by concentrating on "ORGANIC" search rankings. An effective web site is one that provides fresh relevant content, engages the viewer, retains that viewer for periods of time and gives that viewer a reason to return.  The longer your visitors remain on your site, the more likely they are to take the action that you desire and the more likely the search engines will find your site an authoritative presence on the web.   Sites that are intrinsically popular with their audience rarely have to submit to search engines or play games with keywords.

How do you engage your viewer so that they stay on your site? 
By providing a site that is content rich, with information that they are looking for, delivered logically and clearly in an easy to navigate framework. We accomplish this by structuring your site so that it's coding is clean for the search engines to crawl and by incorporating state-of-the-art technology, multimedia design elements and attention-getting features into your site.  

As advertising professionals we know how important the human element is to making a sale and we concentrate on both the technical aspects of rankings and the emotional aspects of advertising for increased sales.

The Process of Search Engine Optimization:
We approach your Search concerns first by analyzing the situation to determine exactly what needs to be done -- and what doesn't.  We present you with an SEO Findings Report detailing where you stand, where your competition stands and what needs to be done to improve your search rankings.

Due Diligence in the beginning of the project will save time and money in the long run. We perform comprehensive research to evaluate issues that we know will arise during your project.

Website Evaluation:
If you already have a website, we will evaluate your site to determine it's current rankings and where you need us to concentrate our efforts.

Free Web AnalysisComplimentary Website Analysis - Spend up to one hour online with us where we will evaluate your existing website for search effectiveness and viewer useability. 

We'll apply a few tools and examine your site to determine where you stand with the search engines, how easy it is for your viewers to navigate, and also aesthetic issues as they relate to advertising.  We make recommendations to you as to the steps you can take to move forward.  We provide this service to you as a FREE service by appointment.


SEO EvaluationComprehensive Website Analysis -This is a much more comprehensive option for large websites or fairly competitive industries.  We thoroughly evaluate your site for search effectiveness. We research your competition, research and define your target market, and we go as far as evaluating your current offline marketing efforts.

We furnish you with a very detailed report of our findings indicating your status and the status of your competition with regards to the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.  We also provide you with step by step, detailed recommendations for remediation. 

The fee for this Comprehensive Analysis can be between $1,500 and $4,500 and it will give you a good idea of what you need to do to increase your search effectiveness, whether you plan to do the work in house or have us act on your behalf.

Turnkey Websites -  If you don't yet have a web site, we research your competition and your target market and discuss with you the strategies that you plan to take to market your site and we prepare a similar report of our findings.  Then we move on to create a site from scratch that is inherently search engine friendly. Your site is designed from the start to perform well and make your business easier to find by the leading search engines like Google and Yahoo.   

We specialize in creating, maintaining, and marketing our client's websites using the latest techniques in search engine optimization. We also offer our clients knowledgable experience in high traffic directory listings and pay per click advertising opportunities.

High ratings require constant vigilance, so all of our clients are given a free one year membership to the, Long Island's fastest growing online networking community and we work closely with many other directory and business networking sites like the,  the Shenandoah Connection, the Kansas City Connection, and many other "Connections" across the Nation to help our clients achieve the ranking that they desire.


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