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Are you missing opportunities to grow your business because your marketing tools are simply not consistent with your branding strategy?  As a full service Advertising, Marketing and Web Design Studio, Sidewalk Designs offers you a comprehensive group of services designed to help you market and promote your product, company or service.

We enhance your marketing by creating a memorable image in print, on the Internet, and in all your communications.  


Design Services

Our graphic design and advertising services offer you madison avenue quality at main street prices.  We don't believe that advertising should cost so much that it puts you out of business and at the same time we want you to benefit from our years of training and experience .  Creating good page layout is so much more than just buying the software - it's about advertising talent, training and experience.
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web designs

Internet (Web) Services

If you are doing business today, you can't afford to ignore the need to have a dynamic presence on the Web. We work with you to identify the appropriate technology, information design, and interface design that will create a positive experience for your viewer.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for your business needs. By combining our expertise in creative and technological disciplines, we produce innovative systems that work across a variety of mediums.
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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Sidewalk Designs provides Consulting Services in a way that very few design studios do...

We want you to succeed more than we want the bottom line... and we're willing to sacrifice our billing to do so.

If your needs exceed your budget we will work with your staff on a consulting basis tooptimize your resources, yet achieve the desired effect. We provide on site and off site consulting to manage your project and education services which provide you and your staff with hands on training. While this may cost us in the short run, we believe that helping our clients to be able to do more "in house" will help them to grow and strong clients are happy clients, who will return to us for other services and refer us. It's win win!
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Thinking of starting a business?

Instead of taking months to develop a logo, letterhead and all the other marketing materials that you need for your new company PLUS designing and developing a website -- figuring out domain registration and trying to sort out the quaqmire of hosting options -- imagine someone simply handing you a "jumpstart" package with everything you need to represent your business in a dynamic, consistent and powerful way.

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