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Are you tired of waiting for your webmaster to update your site?

Do you want to update your web pages yourself? If so (and doesn't everyone??) you need a Content Management System (CMS).  A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to quickly and easily update your website without any knowledge of HTML. It is as simple to use as a word processor like MS Word. You or any member of your staff can quickly and easily change content and graphics on your website or even add pages in a matter of minutes.

Our philosophy as a company is simple. Empower the customer to be able to maintain their own marketing.  We do this by providing world-class tools combined with attentive support.  Unlike many other marketing, website design or hosting firms, we don't believe in locking you into proprietary software that requires our direct involvement to make any update.

We believe in giving you all the control you want, and at the same time being there for you when you don't want to "do it yourself".  

To this end, we can build your website on any one of several user-friendly content management systems (CMS).  Most are open-source and available free to our customers. CMS has experienced huge growth and popularity, and for good reason - it empowers YOU to maintain your own website, but at the same time lets you have the custom look and feel of a high priced corporate site - something yahoo, msn and the rest of the "out of the box" guys just can't give you.

What we offer:

  • We deliver world-class solutions using this powerful CMS software.
  • We provide gorgous graphics and integrated advertising concepts.
  • We optimize your site based on best-practices SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles.
  • We provide a features and infrastructure to give you room to grow online.
  • We train you in your site's administration.


  • We NEVER lock you into a proprietary situation, with endless fees for services when you can do them yourself.  We give you a working solution that you have complete control of.
  • We NEVER provide cookie-cutter solutions.
  • We NEVER Nickel-and-dime our clients - once a client, you become part of our family.

Some of our recent projects created using CMS:

liag.jpgthe waterfront  center 

Flash Example    Long Island Business Networking

Once we develop your Content Management System powered website - you simply log in to your admin panel and make your changes, once saved your changes are live on the net! - no uploading, no messy pages to worry about.  There is no need for you to know how to do web design or to know anything about web servers, hosting companies or FTP.  

This is a breakthrough in web design.  Now you can update content, manage photographs and images and take back your online advertising.  If you can use any word processing program (such as MS word) you can do it! 

Another good reason for CMS:

To maximize the benefits of having a web presence, your site must be updated with fresh relevant content often.  This is important for your viewer and even more so for the search engines.  Just as you would not mail the same brochure from month to month with the same content and images (or we hope you wouldn't), you don't want your customers to encounter the same content on your website each time they return.

The internet lends itself well to content adjustments without the costs involved in making adjustments in print.  In the past these content changes had to be made by your webmaster, sometimes at great cost.  CMS systems enable non technical personnel (perhaps yourself or a staff member in your organization) to make content changes to your website safely and easily, a cost effective solution whose time has come. 

Using a web content management system, your site will become an effective and efficient sales and marketing tool. You can even add multilingual content to expand your market potential, as well as saving potentially huge amounts of money on web maintenance for updates.

Our content management solutions provide you with all the tools necessary for updating sites without the need for specialized, proprietary software.

  • We install the System and configure it with the features that you need
  • We design the aesthetics of the site so it reinforces your other marketing efforts and aligns with your brand identity
  • We train you so that you can easily make changes to the content, keeping it up-to-date. You do not need to have any experience with HTML, it is as simple as using a word processor.  Making changes to your site is a breeze.
  • Our support continues as long as you have your website hosted with us. We support you and answer your questions via email, telephone and online chat.

Some of our clients save TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars every year by using content management to make changes to their own sites. The more pages and changes you need to make to your site the more savings you will experience.  

*Open Source - Software that is made available to the general public with either relaxed or non-existent intellectual property restrictions. This allows for less costly initial expense but comes with no setup or configuration assistance, essential no guarantees.  Thus it is necessary to be implemented by a knowledgeable web developer and not readily accessible for implementation by the general public.
* Non technical personnel:  any person who is skilled in a word processing program such as MS word should have no problem editing content on CMS.


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