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Changing your brand identity often involves changing your logo on every single piece of media that your company uses. Not just business cards and letterheads, but signs, print ads, training manuals, vehicles, T shirts, uniforms... you name it - it will probably have to be changed at some point. We know that can be a huge (and sometimes prohibitive) expense.

Our staff will develop a changeover program and manage the transition so that it's as painless and as inexpensive as possible. In most cases we try to retain elements from your original logo so that the co branding isn't confusing or visually disruptive. We develop a timeline and budget before the redesign so you know what to expect and in many cases the transition can be an organic one, ordering new media with the new logo as the old media is consumed, rather than discarding all existing collateral immediately.

It starts with the initial redesign. In most cases we try to retain elements from your original logo design into the redesign so that the co branding isn't confusing or visually distruptive.  Many designers feel the need to totally redesign a company's logo (more for ego reasons than for the good of the company that they are serving).  Our philosopy is that the company's health and well being is best served when we are able to give them a fresh, polished look and at the same time allow them to use the collateral that they have in stock until it's exhausted.  Thus we work hard to develop designs that can be phased in over time.  

Next. Once your design is approved, we develop a timeline and a budget so that you have complete control over your project.  We pride ourselves in anticipating potential road blocks and we try not to allow any project end in unwanted "surprise".

Once under way, we assist your staff with the conversion through all phases via "one on one" consultations, "one on many" presentations, webinars, site visits, training sessions and long term support.

We are proud to say that every conversion project that we have undertaken has resulted with a happy, satisfied client.



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