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Our company started, 20 plus years ago, as a sign company.  Over the years our design strengths and advertising expertise sharpened and we transitioned into a company that provides all facets of visual communications.

Our roots in the sign industry remain and while we no longer fabricate signs "in house", we design and facilitate the fabrication of signs for our clients all over the world. 


Signs are very different from any other type of advertising. Functioning as primary brand identifier, but also valuable outdoor promotional advertisement.

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Our sign services include:

  • North Fork Bank NYC Survey 
    Outdoor advertising requires knowledge of site survey and preperation. Our staff will visit the proposed site, take all necessary photos and measurements and prepare a report. Our photos will be used to prepare a presentation of the proposed advertising using advanced CAD techniquies. Our measurements will be a reliable source of information used for permitting and production. Any construction work will require detailed reference photos and dimensions, obtained through our reliable and accurate surveys.
  • Due Diligence
    The Eugene O'Neill Theatre NYCThe first step to a successful project, Discovery is conducted using an extensive series of information exchanges between our team and your staff (or your client if we are subcontracting) to gather factual data. This factual data will be used as a basis for contracts and design issues from the start of the any project. Our due diligence research in the beginning of your project will save you time and money in the long run
  • Permit Expediting
    We offer knowledgeable services in permit expediting for outdoor advertising. Initial Due Diligence includes code research with a designers eye toward the end product. Consultations with Permitting authorities, involving them in the design process, aid in early approval. Some of our permit expediting services include:
    •  Research Code Limitation.
    • Survey site with an eye toward design within code restrictions. Application Preperation.
    • Support Drawing preperation.
    • Application Submittal.
    • Review follow up.
    • Resubmittal.
    • Status Reports to Client.
    • Over the Counter or Verbal Approval if permitted.
    • Schedule and attend Inspections
    • Schedule and represent client at ARB Hearings.
    • Apply for and expedite Variances.
      to name just a few.
  • Superior Design Principles
    With of our in depth knowledge of all facets of visual media, we are well suited to designing images which can be reproduced effectively across many platforms.  Our designs are dynamic and powerful, elegant and sophisticated. Our CAD work is detailed and accurate. We provide:
    • Conceptual Renderings.
    • Scale Elevation Drawings.
    • Cross Section Detail Drawings.
    • Construction Documents.
    • Publication Files
    • Hand and Digital Illustrations
    • Conceptual Renderings
      to name just a few.
  • Presentation Services
    We come to your project with design abilities well beyond the printed page. Our presentations can include basic renderings or multimedia using the latest in digital technologies.
    • Our presentations can assist you in visualizing your project in a completed form before you commit to the expense of fabrication. A valuable money saving and time saving feature.
    • As a subcontractor, our clients gain considerable advantage and increased contract approval from our multimedia and flat image presentations. It could mean the difference between being looked over and being looked at more closely in a race against strong competition.  Sign Companies that we work with will tell you that we provide a valuable service, acting as their creative department, dealing with their clients on their behalf and managing projects that require more design services than they can provide.  We do what we do best, allowing them to concentrate on the things that they do best - fabrication and installation.
  • Fabrication Management and Bid Vetting
    Our management of your project is complete and thorough. We do not stop at design but follow through to the final product. We take a leadership role in all aspects of fabrication, whether we are fabricating in house or subcontracting to one of our suppliers or a supplier that you assign.  Our careful planning and monitoring of the fabrication process will ensure a successful end result. We provide:
    • Comprehensive Fabrication Documents
    • Value Engineering
    • Mock Ups and Sample Presentations
    • Close Fabrication Monitoring
    • Fabrication and Installation "Timeline Maintenance"
    • Implementation and Installation Scheduling
    • End user Distribution Planning
    • Inspection Coordination
      to name just a few
  • Installation 
    Our management of your project extends through to installation. We arrange for installation, hiring subcontractors as necessary, provide detailed build-to and installaton drawings - leaving no chance for error.
    We will be on site for installation whenever possible. Our goal is to ensure that your project is implemented with accuracy and that no punch list is needed.

Our extensive knowledge of sign products and their applications will direct you through this maze of questions and result in the right type of signage, with the right message, in the right place with the right permits.


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