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Logo DesignsOur design team will formulate a compelling, well thought out graphic image of what your company is about.  It's not just a nice shape or a pretty picture, it is the "essence" of your company in visual form.  This is the image that will support all your efforts.  It's the single most important visual communication that your company will use over it's lifetime.

This is the very first thing that your customer imprints about you. The image will imbed into the mind immediately and start to form connections. All too often a first impression isn't what you are about and the chance to connect is lost. It is important that this image forms the right connections. Makes the right impression.

Logo Portfolio

Our team will do the research, take the time and learn as much as we can about your company and your goals. We will develop an image that conveys the essence of your company.

Start Up Identity Design

Logo Sketches For a new venture, often referred to as "Turnkey", our main goal for the start up business is to provide an image for your company. We listen to your plans for the near future and for the imagined far off distance. We design an original icon that is the essence of your hopes and dreams for this new venture. This image will be your safety net and it will be your inspiration.

We provide a set of initial designs for your review. We listen patiently to your feedback and we make changes, as many times as it takes to get it right. Once developed the image is provided in hard copy and on disc in all of the forms that you will need to reproduce it cleanly and clearly. In the future should you need new copies, we can provide them. Should you want to change it in a few months, years... we can do that too. We will help you implement this logo into all facets of your venture succesfully by creating a Logo Manual for you to refer to and for you to refer your printer, webmasters, etc.. so that your brand identity will remain consistent.

We offer a Turnkey Package designed to meet all the marketing needs of a start up company....
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Corporate Identity Design
Corporate Logo ManualWe are a full service Design Studio offering our clients not only the typical advertising layout design but much more.

We have extensive knowledge of branding and the related applications of the brand identifiers.  Outdoor Advertising, Signage, Collateral Materials as well as the standard forms of visual media are all considered when developing a Corporate Brand identity.  We bring to the table talent and experience, offering the corporate account a comprehensive strategy to address all corporate identity and marketing issues.

Consulting Services
We offer extensive knowledge and talent in Brand Identity, Print and Online Advertising, plus all facets of media products, techniques and applications. We look to develop long term relationships with our clients. We get to know their businesses and provide professional consulting customized to their particular needs.

Our Customers derive significant advantages from our answers to wide ranging questions and solutions to complex problems. Our goal is to seamlessly bridge the gap between staff and consultant, meeting with your staff (and in some cases your clients) on your behalf as a representative of your company and sharing our knowledge with you and your staff.

We will develop a system for implementation custom geared to your company and your project. This system will ensure that your project is implemented with consistency and accuracy and that no evidence of unwanted or old logo icons remain in use. We provide collateral materials for use in reproduction by your staff and by vendors, training for your staff and vendors, a transition schedule for implementation of the new program for all media devices and hands on support during transition.

With our in depth knowledge of all facets of visual media including interior and exterior signage, collateral and multimedia, we are well suited to designing images which can be reproduced effectively across many platforms. Our Primary image design services: brand identification (logos), supporting media and marketing aids are dynamic and powerful, elegant and sophisticated. Our CAD work is detailed and accurate.



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