Consulting Services

Sidewalk Designs provides Consulting Services in a way that very few design studios do... We want you to succeed more than we want the bottom line... and we're willing to sacrifice our billing to do so.

If your needs exceed your budget we will work with your staff on a consulting basis to optimize your resources, yet achieve the desired effect. We provide on site and off site consulting to manage your project and education services which provide you and your staff with hands on training.   While this may cost us in the short run, we believe that helping our clients to be able to do more "in house" will help them to grow and strong clients are happy clients, who will return to us for other services and refer us.  It's win win!


Creating Company and Product Names
Successful names seem to emerge accidentally, but most of the really successful names are not at al accidental. It is not possible to come up with a name that is dynamic, effective and that fully leverages your brand's potential without the right process.

Brand Identity Consulting

As businesses grow, they tend to wander from their initial logo plan.  And new businesses often don't know where to start when it comes to developing an identity.  When we consult on brand identity issues, we approach it from the stand point that all your communication efforts should be consistent and support your company message.

Creative Consulting

If you have the technical skills, but maybe you're lacking in the creative point of view, we assist you in any way we can.  For some of our clients we act as their entire creative, marketing or advertising department, advising staff and dealing directly with their clients on thier behalf.  For others, we provide graphic services that they then pass on to their clients as their own.  Either way we will adjust our approach to suit your needs.

Marketing Planning

 Many small to mid sized businesses miss opportunities to grow their business because their established conceptions about marketing are out dated.  We are often asked to advise our clients on their marketing plans. We evaluate your existing marketing efforts and show you new ways to approach your marketing plan.  Our philosophy is that all marketing efforts, from your business card to your exterior sign, and all marketing opportunities in between, should be integrated and should support your identity.

Online Promotion Consulting

Our highly skilled Internet Promotion and Marketing professionals will work with you to develop a marketing plan that includes all aspects of online Marketing, Offline Marketing, Public Relations, Identity, Print and Direct Mail Advertising. They are knowledgeable in the multitude of marketing channels including pay per click advertising, lead generation, email marketing, banner advertising, direct mail advertising, the list is nearly endless. We guide you through the many options and help you choose those that best suit your needs.

Conversion Management

Changing your brand identity often involves changing your logo on every single piece of media that your company uses. Not just business cards and letterheads, but signs, print ads, training manuals, vehicles, T shirts, uniforms... you name it - it will probably have to be changed at some point. We know that can be a huge (and sometimes prohibitive) expense.

Project Management

One of our strengths is in Project Management. Particularly large scale logo conversion project management. We offer extensive knowledge of the issues necessary to take a leadership role in managing every aspect of a brand identity conversion project.

Workshops and Training

We continually stay up to date on trends in our various fields. We frequently offer seminars and workshops both to our clients and to the public on topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Design, Internet and Print Marketing, etc...

We develop custom workshops and training programs for our clients to facilitate their projects. We offer "one on one" and "one on many" Search Engine Optimization workshops, E-Commerce workshops, Design workshops, Brand ID Conversion and Implementation training programs.

Permit Expediting, Bid Vetting and Fabrication Management

We mentioned signs. Signs are much more than the neon over your store entrance. We have thorough knowledge of every type of outdoor advertising. Special knowledge of distance design issues, engineering, construction, installation and permitting. We are skilled in these arenas and will ensure that your Outdoor Advertising Program is handled properly without any nasty suprises at the end of the day.

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